LIS is a software solution for improvement of work processes in a biochemical laboratory. It is being developed with the aim to simplify, speed up and increase reliability of sample analysis and results issuance. LIS is a web application, which means that it is available in different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome), operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OX) and devices (laptop, tablet, phone)

Reliable information and smart connections in real time

Web app

Means easy access from any location. Simple and economical maintenance. App installation and updating are done in one place only – the web server.

Sample barcoding

Provides bi-directional communication with the instruments. Eliminates patient identification errors. Helps tracking sample status in real time.


Connects with analyzers of all manufacturers to the extent of their communication possibilities, with all hospital systems, electronic health records, National Health Insurance Fund...

  • Sample tracking

    From receipt into the laboratory until issuance of the results, the sample status can be tracked from any place in the laboratory.

    Upon receipt into the laboratory every sample gets its unique barcode. Beside barcode, name, surname, date and daily number are also on the label.

    Barcode is used to track the status of a sample. The sample is in the pending, processing or finished status, which can be tracked in the app in relation to every single instrument.

    Time of a status change is recorded.

  • Status tracking

    Using barcode, analysis can be added subsequently. This is important because it is clearly marked from which sample something has been done.

    Sample statuses are all marked with different colours that enables easier visual tracking.

    After finishing all analysis, on the instruments as well as the manually imported ones, we can move on to reviewing and validating the results as a final step which is also recorded by new status, that is date and time.

To be good is to be reliable

  • Portfolio Item

    Analysis administration

    You can define every analysis by yourself. From the basic things such as an analysis name, print name, unit of measurement, number of decimal places, to the more complex ones such as importing reference values and calculative tests formulas.

    Portfolio Item

    Reports and statistics

    We offer large number of reports that help you plan and check realization of performed services. Data from every report can easily be copied into Word, Excel, Power Point...

    kreiranje fakture

    Creating e-invoice

    It takes only one click to create electronic invoice in xml format. This module enables easy correction of an e-invoice.

  • rucni unos

    Manual import of results

    There are three solutions:
    1. Entry result value into the input field
    2. Drop-down menu with pre-defined values
    3. Radio button for select of pre-defined values

    status uzorka

    Sample status

    Change of sample status is displayed in real time. Every status is labelled with different colour so that the current “status“of the sample can be seen immediately.

    istorija rezultata

    Results history

    Access to all previous results is presented with two charts. One is smaller and it gives a faster insight into history of the results and the other one is detailed, with further information such as the date of sample receipt, the instrument on which it was processed, reference range, etc.

  • kreativne ideje

    Creative ideas

    In contact with our users, we evaluate our work on a daily basis, so that together we would create more efficient, reliable and intuitive laboratory information system.

    kreativan dizajn

    Creative design

    Design is adaptable to all monitor dimension, which means that it is computer, tablet or smartphone friendly.


    Creative team

    We are small, but very engaged team. Our team is also comprised of all our customers who daily improve our system with their ideas. Join us.

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